How to Brine

Brine n' Bite and Bait Brite


Brine N' Bite is a unique bait brine that not only toughens and brightens your bait, but also adds proven bite stimulants and a full range of fish attractants to your bait. Scientific tests have proven even one molecule of this stimulant will have a positive effect on the olfactory receptors of most types of fish.

One 20 oz. jar of Brine N' Bite will cure up to 12 dozen average sized herring or anchovies. If you are brining frozen baits, always put them into the brine frozen. Allowing baits to thaw first, may cause spoilage.


Pour all the brine powder into your mixing container. (A plastic, gallon milk jug works well.) Measure out 2 quarts of water (do not use tap water, use only river water, distilled water, well water, bottled water), then slowly add only enough of the water to make a thick paste. This will get all the brine wet. Stir, and then gradually add the remainder of the water, until all lumps are dissolved. Add a few drops of PRO-CURE Bait Brite to your brine solution to make the scales super shiny and fresh looking!

Brine n' Bite and Bait BriteIf desired, now would be the time to add PRO-CURE Bad Azz Powdered Dye to your brine solution.

Depending on the size, most baits will cure up in 4 to 12 hours. Baits will continue to toughen if left in the brine. If they become too hard, or all "puckered" up, baits can be brought back by soaking them in a very watered down brine/freshwater solution. Once cured, your baits can be removed from solution and placed in plastic container or zip top bag in your bait cooler, or they can be bagged and frozen for use at a later date. The brine will help protect the baits from freezer burn, discoloration, etc. Used brine solution can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, and re-used!


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