CURING EGGS: When it comes to salmon eggs, and egg curing products no company enjoys the reputation that PRO-CURE does, and nobody offers more options for producing great eggs than PRO-CURE! To see our complete line of egg curing supplies and our egg curing recipes,click here.

The original Pro-Cure Egg Cure is still a huge favorite, and best colors for steelhead are Steelie Pink, Natural and Fluorescent Orange. In high discolored water the Redd Hot Double Stuff works extremely well. Many anglers prefer to use our WIZARD Egg Cure on their steelhead and trout eggs. Favorite colors are Natural Glo and Hot Lava Orange.


Terry Seamster's Last Supper Egg Cure
We knew it was a killer on salmon, but we gave some bottles of the cure out to some of the best steelhead guides we know, and all reported it was the hottest cure they had ever used for steelhead. They were getting consistent hook ups when other guides couldn't get bit. Their favorite colors were the non staining Glow Red and the Natural.


We also offer a specially milled BORAX that has a higher moisture content than laundry borax, and is a super fine granule rather than a powder. Powders cake up and don't perform as well as the super fine granules. Available in plain white and 4 super hot fluorescent colors.


The night before fishing, separate your eggs into plastic containers with lids. Treat each with a different scent and let them marinate overnight. Best to use are: Predator Liquid; Shrimp / Prawn Oil; Sand Shrimp Bait Sauce; Steelhead Combo; Garlic Plus and Salmon Slammer. Slam-ola Powder in either plain or garlic. The hottest scent has been our Monster Bite Powder. Sprinkled on eggs this can really light a slow bite up. In summer months when crawfish are active, try using Bait Sauce in either Crawfish, Garlic Crawfish or Anise Crawfish (this has been really hot!!). In the Great Lakes streams the Trophy Trout Bait Sauce has been very effective.


After rigging, try injecting shrimp with a 50/50 mixture of Pro-Cure Sand Shrimp Oil and Sand Shrimp Bait Sauce. This leaves a heavy scent trail while drifting or running shrimp off of a diver.


For more fish, scent your jigs. Jigs can be scented two ways. You can use Bait Sauce in any of the above flavors, but be extremely careful to just soak the jig head and a small amount of the wing material right where it is tied on. If you put too much sauce on the wing it will mat down and not breathe and pulse in the water. Or you can use the Super Gel on the jig head only. Best flavor is the Predator Super Gel.

Injecting real crawlers with scent can really increase your bites. Use a heavy duty Pro-Cure Bait Injector. Try Predator Liquid; Anise Plus Oil; Sand Shrimp Oil; Shrimp/Prawn Oil or a blend of Bait Sauces 50/50 with an appropriate oil. For pink worms put them in a baggie and marinate them overnight in Shrimp Formula Bait Sauce, Sand Shrimp Bait Sauce, or Night Crawler Bait sauce. Or smear them with a light coating of with either Predator or Garlic Plus Super Gel.


In water 55 degrees and warmer use Super Gel in the following flavors: Steelhead Combo, Shrimp; Sand Shrimp, Crawfish, Predator, and Garlic Plus. Just give lures a light coating of of Super Gel. In colder water use Bait Sauce in place of the Super Gels as it will put off more scent and last quite a long time. Super Gels works great on Corkies, Spin 'n Glow's, etc.


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