More and more Musky guides are calling us up as word quickly spreads on how effective the Pro-Cure scents are when targeting Muskies. From Pennsylvania to Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, more and more guides are telling us using Pro-Cure is resulting in many more hook-ups. Substantially!

Bait Oils can be squirted onto rigged baits, or add a scent impregnated cotton ball to your harness rig. Soak cotton ball with bait oil, or even better mix Minnow oil with Anchovy or Sardine Bait Sauce. If you want to try a garlic version just add a few drops of our Garlic Plus oil to your blend. On some days garlic has been really hot. Adding Bait Sauce to your oil mixture adds ground up bait particles and powerful amino acids to your scent trail that oils alone cannot do. You can also carefully inject rigged baits with oils or oil / sauce blends. Just run bait injector needle just under the bait's skin, being careful not to deep into the fish's body. Squeeze injector as you slowly pull out the needle, filling the hole with scent. Do this two or three times on each side on the bait. An oil scent trail coming off of a live bait can really cause an aggressive reaction from big musky and northern pike.


While filming a midwest TV show and catching big walleye, we were using Garlic Minnow bait sauce on live emerald shiners. We caught loads of big walleye as they really love our garlic scents, but we also caught lots of big pike. Since then, quite a few guides have been using the garlic scents for Northerns, and surprisingly the Musky like it too. Not every day, but enough to make it interesting.


Any of the above mentioned scents will produce fish for you. It's always best to match what they are feeding on, but if this is not possible the Minnow Bait Sauce or the Trophy Musky Pike Bait Sauce are great all around products.


Super Gel has gotten even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement. It's like attaching a lit light bulb to your lure or bait. The visibility brings fish in to investigate, and the scent gets them to feed. There is 
no other product on the market that even comes close to performing like Super Gel. Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, etc. for an exceptionally long time.


Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. UV enhanced.


With the introduction of the new Super Gels the role for Bait Sauce has become very specific. When cut 50 / 50 with the appropriate bait oil it is perfect for injection, and it also sticks better to slimy baits such as night crawlers, worms and leeches. Many anglers inject their baits with bait oils only, but mixing oils with Bait Sauce adds so much more to your baits. Unlike oils Bait Sauce is made from the whole bait, and because natural baits contain some water we are able to dissolve all the powdered amino acids that trigger fish to feed. Bait Sauce also leaves a water soluble particle trail in the water, whichoils alone do not.

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