International Shipping


Not only is the rest of America finding out about the West Coast's best kept secret, it seems the whole world is hearing about the success anglers are having using Pro-Cure products. Not only are Pro-Cure sales going crazy across the USA, we now have products being actively distributed in Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Finland, Holland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore and South Africa, with a whole bunch more countries to follow. We promise to do our part and continue to make great products, so you do your part and continue to spread the word among your fishing buddies... PRO-CURE ROCKS!


For International retail orders please email for more information.


For International wholesale orders please email for more information.

P.O. Box 7077 Salem, OR 97303 U.S.A.   RETURN POLICY: Return to PRO-CURE within 30 days with your sales receipt. We will reimburse your purchase price plus reasonable postage. No receipt: we'll refund the current advertised price.