For years tournament walleye anglers have been trying to keep Pro-Cure their money making secret, but sooner or later a good thing always leaks out. Whether you fish national tournaments, local tournaments or fish walleye for fun, you'll be amazed at the increased number and the size of the fish you are catching once you start using Pro-Cure Bait Scents. Pro-Cure is the only scent made from real bait, then super charged with powerful, proven amino acids that not only bring up the natural flavor and intensify of the scent, but also trigger an impulse in a fishes brain to feed. And all Pro-cure Bait Scents are UV ENHANCED. Fish not only smell the Pro-Cure scents, they see them too. Pro-Cure offers the walleye angler Super Gels for lures, harnesses, spoons, stick baits, and soft plastics. We also offer Bait Oils to inject real crawlers with, and Bait Sauces to smear on live night crawlers, leeches and minnows.


The Best for Walleye are: Crawfish (in summer months when crawfish are active), Emerald Shiner, Garlic Crawfish, Garlic Minnow, Garlic Plus, Gizzard Shad, Leech, Minnow, Nightcrawler, Smelt, and Trophy Walleye..


Garlic has been hot! Walleye love the stuff. Try Super Gels in Garlic Minnow, Garlic Crawfish, and Garlic Plus.


Super Gel has gotten even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement. It's like attaching a lit light bulb to your lure or bait. The visibility brings fish in to investigate, and the scent gets them to feed. There is no other product on the market that even comes close to performing like Super Gel. Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, etc. for an exceptionally long time.

Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. UV enhanced.

With the introduction of the Super Gels, the role for Bait Sauce has become more specific. When cut 50/50 with the appropriate Bait Oils, Bait Sauce is perfect for injecting worms and crawlers with. Some anglers prefer Bait Sauce for smearing live worms, night crawlers, leeches and minnow with, so we still offer Bait Sauce in the hottest walleye flavors.

  1. Garlic Plus Super Gel

    Garlic Plus Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    If you like garlic this scent is for you. Learn More
  2. Smelt Super Gel

    Smelt Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    If your target fish is feeding on smelt this scent is for you. Perfect for plugs, spoons, wobblers, etc. Learn More
  3. Minnow Super Gel

    Minnow Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    A blend of 5 popular minnows ground up whole into a sticky gel base. Learn More
  4. Leech Super Gel

    Leech Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Made from real ribbon leeches, with amino acids added. Put on lures, artificial leeches, even real ones. Learn More
  5. Gizzard Shad Super Gel

    Gizzard Shad Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    A must have scent for walleye, perch, northern pike and musky. With amino acids added. Learn More
  6. Garlic Minnow Super Gel

    Garlic Minnow Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Combines our incredible fresh water minnow blend with a powerful shot of garlic. Learn More
  7. Garlic Crawfish Super Gel

    Garlic Crawfish Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Real crawfish ground up with a heavy shot of pure garlic oil. This should be illegal for small mouth bass. Absolutely killer! Learn More
  8. Emerald Shiner Super Gel

    Emerald Shiner Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Made from real whole shiners, with powerful amino acids added. Apply to lures, spoons, even live minnows. Learn More
  9. Crawfish Super Gel

    Crawfish Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Real whole crawfish ground up into a thick sticky gel. Learn More
  10. Walleye Super Gel

    Walleye Super Gel

    Starting at: $8.35

    Walleye super gel is perfect for stick baits, plugs, spoons, spinners, etc. Learn More
  11. Minnow Bait Oil

    Minnow Bait Oil

    Starting at: $8.35

    Blended from a selection of fresh and salt water minnows, this all around scent works great on bass, crappie, panfish, trout, etc. Learn More
  12. Garlic Plus Bait Oil

    Garlic Plus Bait Oil

    Starting at: $8.35

    Super powerful garlic oil blended with 5 fish oils and bite stimulants. Learn More
  13. Crawfish Bait Sauce

    Crawfish Bait Sauce

    Starting at: $8.35

    Made from real whole crawfish. A great scent to mix into eggs when curing. Learn More
  14. Garlic Crawfish Bait Sauce

    Garlic Crawfish Bait Sauce

    Starting at: $8.35

    Made from real crawfish with a massive shot of pure garlic oil. Learn More
  15. Leech Bait Sauce

    Leech Bait Sauce

    Starting at: $8.35

    Made from whole ground up ribbon leeches , this scent is an absolute killer on live leeches for walleye, bass, trout, and panfish. Learn More
  16. Nightcrawler Bait Sauce

    Nightcrawler Bait Sauce

    Starting at: $8.35

    Real ground up night crawlers amplified with potent bite stimulants and fish attractants. Works great on plastic worms, tubes, grubs, etc. Learn More
  17. Garlic Sauce 4oz.

    Garlic Sauce 4oz.


    Made from real bait and fish oils. Sauce is super sticky, and we mean super sticky. Learn More
  18. Real Crawfish Bait Waxx

    Real Crawfish Bait Waxx


    Real whole crawfish, ground up and supercharged with bite enzymes and stimulants. Learn More
  19. Minnow Blend Bait Waxx

    Minnow Blend Bait Waxx


    A go to bait for any fish that forage on minnows. A high dose of 5 popular minnow formulated for maximum strikes. Learn More
  20. Night Crawler Bait Waxx

    Night Crawler Bait Waxx


    Formulated from real whole night crawlers and very potent! An everyday food source for Bass, Trout, Crappies, etc. Learn More
  21. Trophy Walleye Bait Waxx

    Trophy Walleye Bait Waxx


    Bait Waxx is a formulation for enhancing any lure with a potent trail of Amino Acids that trigger strikes. Plus it’s UV enhanced to add extra attraction to your lures. Bait Waxx is available in 7 fish catching formulas. Learn More
  22. Garlic Bait Waxx

    Garlic Bait Waxx


    Great garlic scent now in a wax. Learn More

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