Bait Dyes

Bait Dyes


Fish are definitely receptive to color. Thats why we fish so many colors of spoons, jigs, lures, etc. So why fish one color of baits when dyeing bait is so easy. If your baits are already preserved just give them a squirt of the instant Bad Azz Liquid Bait Dyes. If you want to dye baits at the same time as you brine your baits add either the powdered Bad Azz Dyes to your brine, or squirt in the liquid dyes Bad Azz Dyes.



For the hottest ballyhoo you've ever fished, mix the Bad Azz Bait Dyes into your solution of Brine 'N Bite Bait brine. It will produce the most brilliant fluorescent colors you've ever fished. These colored baits are extremely effective on marlin, sailfish, tuna, king mackerel and dolphin.


Dying ballyhoo the hottest colors is so easy to do. You can either add the powdered Bad Azz Bait Dyes to your brine solution, and dye your baits all at once, or you can add spot color as you need it with our Bad Azz Liquid Dyes. 



Many fishermen they harvest all of their bait months before they ever fish them. Delicate baits like emerald shiners, traditionally don't freeze well, and anglers are often forced to fish ugly, ineffective baits. UNTIL NOW! Pro-Cure has the system for you.! 
Take your freshly caught bait fish and brine them 4 to 6 hours in Pro-Cure's Brine n Bite Bait Brine. Add 10 to 12 drops of Bait Brite liquid to your brine to put an incredible shine on your baits. Drain bait fish well, and then place in a plastic zip top bag, add a small fistful of fine salt, roll gently, squeeze out all the extra air and freeze. If baits look perfect after defrosting go ahead and fish them. If baits appear dehydrated and puckered place them in a solution of Brine n Bite brine for two hours. They will plump up and fish great. For added attraction, give baits a healthy squirt of Pro-Cure's Super Gels.


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