About Us


At PRO-CURE our number one goal is to produce products that truly help anglers catch more fish. We manufacture the worlds finest bait scents, all made from real whole fresh bait. Our salmon egg cures, and bait brines are legendary for their fish catching performances. Our series of Bad Azz Bait Dyes are truly changing how serious anglers fish brined bait fish. For 30 years we have catered to the needs of many of the most famous fishing guides, lodges, charter operations in the world for one major reason - Pro-Cure Products consistently catch them more fish where other brands have not. Only Pro-Cure makes their scents from real whole fresh bait, and this makes a huge difference over scents that are formulated chemically in labs. Then we enhance all of our scents with powerful blends of exotic amino acids, and bite stimulants to bring you the most effective scents ever offered. So whether your looking for scents that will help you catch more fish, or egg cures, bait brines or dyes, remember that all Pro-Cure products come with a complete money back guarantee that even covers reasonable return postage. We want you to know that if you have never fished with a Pro-Cure product and are thinking about trying them, then you've got absolutely nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.



Not only is the rest of America finding out about the West Coast's best kept secret, it seems the whole world is hearing about the success anglers are having using Pro-Cure products. Not only are Pro-Cure sales going crazy across the USA, we now have products being actively distributed in Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Finland, Holland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore and South Africa, with a whole bunch more countries to follow. We promise to do our part and continue to make great products, so you do your part and continue to spread the word among your fishing buddies... PRO-CURE ROCKS!


Unlike most tropical depressions, Pro-Cure storms into the Gulf and Southeastern states to the welcome arms of serious, excited anglers.

It all started a few years ago when Flats Class TV co-host Captain Ray Van Horn contacted Pro-Cure to order a few scents. He had seen a Pro-Cure ad in a magazine and decided to give us a try. So he placed an order on his credit card. After a few fishing trips, Ray knew he had a winner on his hands (or better yet, on his lures).

He called Pro-Cure and told us:

"I believe in scents. I thought I had tried them all until Pro-Cure. By far, Pro-Cure is the most effective scent I have ever used. I'm outfishing the bait guys on plastics, and your scents. You guys have got to be sponsors on our show!

Well, we did become sponsors, and Ray and his co-host Captain C.A. Richardson have done a great job spreading the word.


All of our bait scents are made from real whole bait - nothing fake and nothing artificial. All of our bait scents are UV enhanced, which makes your bait or lure more visible to fish. All of our scents are super charged with amino acids that boost up the natural flavors of bait and also trigger an impulse in a fish's brain to feed. We allow anglers to get scent specific to match what your target fish are feeding on. Unlike some companies with one flavor for saltwater, one for bass, one for crappie, we allow you to match what a fish is currently feeding on. On tough days that makes a huge difference. Pro-Cure is the only bait scent company to ever offer a full money back guarantee on its scents, including return postage. We don't get a lot of product back!

P.O. Box 7077 Salem, OR 97303 U.S.A.   RETURN POLICY: Return to PRO-CURE within 30 days with your sales receipt. We will reimburse your purchase price plus reasonable postage. No receipt, we'll refund the current advertised price.